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Elis 3.2.

A new generative medical AI.

Is able to analyze any medical input and provide valid diagnosis, differentials and many more.


Any time. In any language. 

AI is a keystone for future healthcare 

Generative AI holds a pivotal role in healthcare by revolutionizing data analysis. It excels at processing vast amounts of patient complaints, medical documents, and records, extracting meaningful patterns that would be overwhelming for human analysts.


This capability empowers healthcare professionals to swiftly identify trends, track disease outbreaks, and improve patient care based on real-world insights.


About Elis 3.2.

Elis 3.2 is the latest iteration of Generative Medical AI (GMAI) from Suhona AI, aimed at revolutionizing healthcare diagnostics. Elis 3.2 stands as a beacon of technological advancement, swiftly and precisely dissecting a wide array of medical data to deliver verified diagnoses, comprehensive differentials, and valuable insights. 


Elis 3.2 embodies the fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and medical expertise, charting a new course for the healthcare landscape. Its capacity to rapidly analyze medical data promises to streamline diagnostic processes, while its capability to provide both validated diagnoses and extensive differential diagnoses offers clinicians a comprehensive decision-making resource.

It is only beginning

As Elis 3.2 continues to evolve, it holds the potential to redefine patient care, ushering in an era where precision, accessibility, and speed converge to elevate healthcare outcomes worldwide.

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