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Crumpled Fabric

Emergency API

Automated patient complaint analysis in the ambulance department.


AI asks follow up questions or acts as a chatbot.


Doctor receives all the information together with diagnosis, differentials and treatment guidelines.

Patient submits complaints

Introducing our cutting-edge solution with Elis 3.2 - Emergency API. Accessible through user-friendly tool, which collects detailed patient complaints and additional diagnostic information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the patient medical condition.

Whether completed by the patient or with the guidance of a triage specialist, the form optimizes the diagnostic process, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. Then the data is submitted to Elis 3.2. though API.

Doctor receives diagnosis & more

Utilizing Suhona AI's Healthcare cutting-edge GAIM technology, Elis 3.2. the attending healthcare professional receives a comprehensive analysis post the Patient Complaints and Diagnostic Questions Form. This report includes the primary diagnosis, diverse differential diagnoses, and recommended subsequent steps. This streamlined approach empowers medical practitioners to make accurate decisions swiftly, enhancing patient care through Suhona AI's innovative capabilities.


It is only beginning

As Elis 3.2 continues to evolve, it holds the potential to redefine patient care, ushering in an era where precision, accessibility, and speed converge to elevate healthcare outcomes worldwide.

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