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Suhona AI and Railway Computer Vision Solutions provide variety of services aimed at precision railway track and signalling element diagnostics. All features are accesible through Suhona AI platform.  


Latvia, Germany



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Rail Surface Check

  • Rail surface cracks are among the most abundant rail track faults. They might progress to deeper erosions and even track destruction if left unchecked. 

  • Computer vision solution developed by Suhona AI is able to automatically recognize rail surface problems and classify them. 

  • All rail surface cracks are assigned priority (coming soon feature) for more efficient maintenance. 

Suhona UAV

  • Suhona AI leases unmanned railway platform to tailor any customer need. Should you be testing your sensor systems or you need autonomous cargo cart - we get you covered. 

  • Suhona AI UAV is electrically powered, with max operation speed 40 km/h and load of 80 kg. Range depends on the use (25-30 km)

  • Manual control is available to meet the standart of Latvian State Railway Law (see video). Speed control and brake system are integrated. 

Rail Gauge Measurements

  • Suhona AI autonomous inspection cart is equipped with gauge measurement sensors (mm precision)

  • Cants are also measured using indirect method (inferred from gauge) 

  • All measurement data is available on Suhona AI platform together with geospatial data.  

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